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Fairly Annoying Present Box


Introducing the “Fairly Annoying Gift Box” – the ultimate present with a twist that’ll have your friends and family in stitches! This whimsical wonder of a gift-giving invention is here to turn your ordinary gift-giving moments into uproarious entertainment. It’s not just a present; it’s an experience!

So, if you’re ready to elevate your gift-giving game and create moments that will be remembered long after the screws have been undone, the Fairly Annoying Gift Box is the way to go. Just be prepared for a lot of hilarity, and maybe even some friendly competition. Order yours today and get ready to witness the joy of discovery, one screw at a time!

When picking your color, be aware that it will be the color of the box. The screws and bands will then be a contrasting color to the box color. 


The Annoying 3D Printed Piggy Bank


Tired of ordinary piggy banks that make saving money a breeze? Looking to instill a sense of patience, determination, and financial responsibility in your little ones? Look no further than our ingenious Annoying Piggy Bank! This remarkable 3D-printed creation is not just a place to stash your spare change – it’s a challenging and engaging way to save for the future.

The Annoying Piggy Bank isn’t just a place to save money; it’s a tool for learning and growth. Make saving an adventure, teach financial responsibility, and create lasting memories with this unique and engaging piggy bank. Order one today and turn saving into a fun-filled journey for your children!

The Annoying 3D Printed Piggy Bank by default comes in Copper/Black (as seen in pictures) but can be configured with any colors you’d like. Enter any custom requests in the order notes. 


Mystic Mushroom Dice Tower


Immerse Yourself in Fantasy: Step into a realm of enchantment with our Mystic Mushroom Dice Tower. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this whimsical dice tower brings a touch of fantasy to your gaming table. Its design is inspired by the mystical world of mushrooms, featuring intricate mushrooms, sparkling crystals, and a captivating aura that will transport you to a realm of wonder.

Unleash the magic of the Mystic Mushroom Dice Tower and add a dash of enchantment to your tabletop adventures. Order yours today and embark on a journey where every roll is an enchanting experience!


Really Annoying Gift Box


Tired of the same old, predictable gift-giving routines? Seeking to inject excitement and amusement into your special occasions? Look no further than our Really Annoying Gift Box – 134 Screw Surprise!

Unveil the thrill of gift-giving like never before with this uniquely entertaining and unforgettable present. This box isn’t just about the gift; it’s about the journey, the laughter, and the memorable moments that come with it.


FlexiCrawler Spiders


Unleash the cuteness with our FlexiCrawler Spider, a charming blend of arachnid fascination and irresistible adorableness. This delightful creation marries the flexibility of spider legs with hand-painted eyes that add personality, creating an endearing addition to your collection.

🕷️ Flexible Limbs: The FlexiCrawler Spider features flexible legs that can be posed and adjusted, allowing you to create a dynamic and whimsical display. Experiment with various poses and watch as this spider’s personality shines through.

👀 Hand-Painted Eyes: The large, hand-painted eyes of the FlexiCrawler Spider add a touch of individuality and charm. Each eye is a unique work of art, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into its creation.

🌼 Overflowing Cuteness: This spider exudes an abundance of cuteness, making it an ideal addition to your decor or a delightful gift for someone special. Its endearing presence brings smiles and warmth to any space.


Skeleton T-Rex with Bone Stand


Journey back in time to the age of dinosaurs with our 3D-Printed Flexible T-Rex Skeleton. This remarkable creation combines the precision of modern technology with the awe-inspiring majesty of the Mesozoic Era, bringing a piece of prehistoric history right into your hands.

🦖 Mesozoic Majesty: The T-Rex needs no introduction – it’s the undisputed king of the dinosaurs. Our 3D-printed replica captures the essence of this majestic creature with meticulous attention to detail, from its fearsome teeth to its massive tail.

🧩 Flexible Wonder: What sets this T-Rex apart is its flexibility. With poseable joints, you can adjust its stance and create dynamic scenes from the prehistoric world. Witness the T-Rex in action, whether in a predatory pose or a peaceful grazing stance.


Articulating Gemstone Dragon


Experience the enchanting allure of the Gemstone Dragon, a masterpiece that brings the mesmerizing beauty of gemstones to life. With a kaleidoscope of colors and a captivating presence, this extraordinary creation stands as a testament to the natural world’s wonder.

💎 Radiant Gemstones: Adorned with an array of sparkling gemstones, the Gemstone Dragon embodies the brilliance and charm of precious stones. Each gem is carefully selected and intricately placed, creating a stunning interplay of colors and light.

🐉 Majestic Presence: The Gemstone Dragon stands proudly, exuding an aura of elegance and power. Its graceful form and vibrant hues make it a centerpiece that commands attention and admiration, symbolizing strength and a deep connection to the Earth’s treasures.


Rosefire Dragon


Elevate your living space with the Rosefire Dragon, a captivating blend of elegance and mythical splendor that promises to mesmerize all who behold it. This extraordinary piece seamlessly combines the timeless beauty of roses with the awe-inspiring presence of a dragon, creating a symbol of power, grace, and passion.

🌹 Enchanted Roses: Adorned with intricate roses, our Rosefire Dragon captures the enchanting beauty of nature’s most cherished flowers. Each petal is delicately detailed, creating a stunning contrast against the dragon’s formidable form.