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Chicken Wiggle Pet


Our Wiggle Pet Chicken is not your ordinary desk accessory – it’s a delightful blend of creativity and engineering. Watch as its flappy wings move in a playful rhythm, adding a touch of liveliness to any environment. The meticulously crafted design captures the essence of a cheerful chicken, making it an ideal conversation starter and mood lifter.

Wiggle pets range from 2 inches to approximately 4 inches in size.  Each Wiggle Pet is unique and sized accordingly.


Frog with Lily Pad


Step into a world of enchantment with our Crystal Frog with Lilypad Stand, a captivating blend of nature’s beauty and the shimmering allure of crystal. This extraordinary creation brings the grace of a frog and the brilliance of crystal to life, creating a stunning centerpiece that evokes the magic of an enchanted pond.

🐸 Elegant Frog: Adorned with intricate crystal detailing, our frog figurine embodies the delicate beauty of these amphibious creatures. Each facet reflects light with captivating brilliance, bringing the frog’s form to life in exquisite detail.

🌿 Lilypad Stand: The frog rests gracefully on a lilypad-shaped stand, adding a touch of realism to the enchanting scene. It provides a stable base that elevates the frog, creating an exquisite display that captures the essence of a serene pond.

As of 3/1/2024 the frog product is going under a rework. Any purchases of the frog will default to the Butterfly Frog in the photo. We will be updating with more frog designs shortly.