December Calendar of Events for Toybox Innovations

November is already gone, and we are not sure of where it went., but it seemed to fly by. Hopefully everyone is recovered from Thanksgiving and in the holiday spirit for a great December. We’re hoping for nothing but the best for everyone! For those of you with that seasonal depression just remember that spring […]

Introducing Three New 3D Printed Delights: The Annoying Safe and Cash Vault

In the world of 3D printing, innovation knows no bounds, and we’re thrilled to introduce two incredibly unique and entertaining additions to our store. Designed to pique your curiosity and challenge your wits, these products are not your typical safes and vaults. Allow us to introduce the Annoying Safe and Cash Vault, created to put a mischievous twist on securing your treasures.

November’s Calendar of Events

November is almost here and we’ve planned to attend some awesome events! If you are looking for unique and customized christmas gifts then you’re in luck! We’re ramping up our custom Christmas Ornament Collection and have a wide range of new products available for laser engraving as well! Cutting boards, Flasks, Charcuterie Boards, keychains, wallets, […]

Unlocking Creativity: Exploring the World of 3D Printer Filament Colors with ToyBox Innovations

In the world of 3D printing, there’s a color for every imagination, and at ToyBox Innovations, we take pride in offering a stunning array of over 50 different filament colors to fuel your creativity. Whether you’re an experienced maker or just diving into the world of 3D printing, the right filament color can elevate your […]

Caring For Your New 3D Prints

Caring For Your 3D Prints The world of 3D printing is both exciting and innovative, offering countless possibilities for creating custom items, prototypes, and decorative pieces. However, as a consumer of 3D prints, you may be wondering how to properly care for your printed treasures. With your newly purchased 3D-printed products this article will guide […]

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